3 ways to Optimize your PC for gaming session

Most of the people enjoy gaming. Gaming is billion dollar industry and is larger than Hollywood. Yes, you read it correctly. The gaming industry is larger than Hollywood and is still growing. With new gaming technologies such as VR, the quality of gaming is still improving. PC gaming is still one of the best ways of gaming. Although people prefer Gaming Consoles such as Play Station or XBox, PC gaming is still one of the common ways of gaming. Today we will be talking about how to optimise your PC for maximum game performance.

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1) Update your Drivers

Outdated drivers may cause lagging and other malfunctions in the game. It is always great to update the drivers because they come with performance boosting capabilities. For this, go to your device manager and check in the Network Adapters Section. You’ll see both Intel and Other Graphics(Nvidia, AMADEON) there. Check their official sites for any updates and if there is any, download and update your drivers.

2) Uninstall Unnecessary Programmes

Unnecessary programs may slow down the process and also may take up memory. By deleting old and unnecessary programming you free the space and make your PC more efficient. For this, go to Control Panel and then Click on Program and Features. You will then see the list of all the programs installed on your computer. Browse the list and kick the unnecessary programs out.

3) Defragment the files

When you delete the files from your computer they can easily be fragmented. So you can use the Disk Defragmenter to collect all those fragments. The fragmentation of files may cause slower performance. If you have Windows 10, search Disk Defragment and you’ll find the Program. Defragment your drive to clear all those fragmented files and boost up your PC a little.


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