How to make a karaoke track using Audacity

Well, many of us enjoy singing our songs in the Karaoke. There are many methods of making a karaoke of a song but using Audacity is the best and easy option for us. Audacity is one of the best and free audio editors you can get and if you know a little trick you can get the most out of it by this software. You can create your own karaoke tracks and upload them(of course you need permission for copyright) or can simply enjoy them personally. So without further talk, let’s jump right in the action.


1) First Download LAME Encoder


If you need a finished karaoke in MP3 format you should download this software.  This LAME Encoder is not included in Audacity, so you should download the files separately. Download the LAME Encoder and extract the zip file. The MP3 extension is played by most of the audio players, That’s why we recommend you to download the LAME Encoder.

2) Get the Audacity Software.


Once the installation process of LAME Encoder is done, download and install the Audacity App. Open the ‘Audacity’ programme and them import the track. On the left side of the track you’ll see a downward pointing arrow. Click there and click “Split Stereo Tracks”.

3)Splitting Process

Double click on the track and then click Effects>Invert. There is a menu arrow beside each track waveform, click it and then click File>Export Audio. Now Click Ok. And you’re done.


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