How to get iOS 11 on your iPhone?

We all have been hearing rumours about the upcoming latest flagship from Apple. iPhone 8 is one of the most awaited and anticipated smartphone and along with it comes the new iOS- iOS 11. iOS 11 brings swift changes to functionality, UI and performance. iOS 11 is now available in public beta and you can download the latest version and use in iPhone, iPad and iPod before it gets released officially.

With iOS 11 you will get a customised control centre, smarter Siri and other minor improvements. The major change of iOS 11 is, of course, the reorganised Control Centre. So, today we’ll talk about how you can download and install the latest iOS version on your iPhone.


Firstly we recommend you to backup the device properly before beginning the process of updating your device to the latest iOS. Since it is only the beta version you may find various bugs and other issues. Since many people have been using the beta version now and are giving positive reviews, the bugs will certainly not be an issue.

iOS 11 is compatible with iPhone 5S and up until the latest addition iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. It means the people using iPhone 4 and the lower device will not be benefitted by this announcement.

For downloading the beta release of the iOS, first, visit the site

You must have an Apple ID to sign in. IF you don’t have any, create one and then sign in. Agree on the terms and conditions of the Apple Beta Software Program Agreement. Now Select “Download Profile”. Your smartphone will now prompt you to install the profile and through the instruction, the walkthrough will make it easier to you.

You will now be taken to the Settings where the installation process will start.Select “Download and Install” to install and receive the public beta iOS 11 version.

For further updates, Go to Settings>General> Software and Update> and check the version. iOS version above 8.1.3 will receive the iOS 11 beta update.


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