How To Know Wi-Fi Network Password Previously Connected On PC

Hey! If you have forget password of previously connected wifi network on your PC then don’t Worry, Here is a solution for you  which is most effective one :

Method to find passwords for Wi-Fi Networks you’ve connected to previously

This method uses command prompt in windows  10 and windows 8.1.

Right Click On Start Button and Open Command Prompt. Or Open Run and type Cmd.

command prompt.png

Once you open command prompt, you need to type the following command to view the wlan profiles :

netsh wlan show profiles

Wlan show Profiles

After you enter the command profiles on interface Wi-Fi will be displayed with users profiles.

Wlan Profiles on interface

List of networks that you have accessed before will be displayed after you entered the command.

Now in order to find the password of any one profile just type the command given below:

netsh wlan show profile name=profilename key=clear

In the command above  replace the profilename  with the name of the profile in the list.

Wlan Profiles name=profilename key=clear

After you enter the appropriate command, look for the Key Content in the left side in order to find the password of wi-fi network.

finally password

Now you are done the key content value on right side is the password of the wifi network you entered as profile name.

If you have any confusion you can post your comment below.

Thank You.



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