How to Start a blog ? Why to Start it?

Hello everyone! Are you making mind to start your own blog or in dilemma on what topic to start a blog?  Blogging is a good medium to share what you are interested on, discuss on the topic that you like among the public.

How to start a blog
How to start a blog?

Some reason that everyone needs to start a blog :

  • Blogging has become a best and most popular medium for communication, to relay information and news world wide.
  • It’s an astonishing approach to communicate, a fabulous approach to impart data to others.
  • Many people, more than millions have their personal blog online. Many of them are popular while some blogs which don’t convey the appropriate message to the readers are still suffering.
  • Blogs with good contents and interesting facts attracts more traffic to the sites. They are the best way to share ideas and knowledge with the world.
  • Good blogs are also the source of money  which can be made straight from it. They too help to promote the business.

Steps to Start a Blog:

At first you need to choose a platform to start a blog. Some popular blogging platform are WordPress, Blogger etc. WordPress and Blogger are free and user friendly even for those who have never tried to make a blog.

After you create an account in any platform, you can create your own blog on idea what you have plan to write on.

Now you need to do is to customize the theme/template of your blog to make it attractive. You can add different widgets on your blog. Also various theme are available on premium which are SEO friendly and responsive.






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